Maranda Dynda

Maranda Dynda is a 21 year old mother of one in Central Pennsylvania. She enjoys long walks to the fridge, rooftop pizzas, and vague references. Maranda was an active member of the anti-vaccine and crunchy parenting community from 2012 – early 2014, before going to the dark side and becoming a big pharma shill.

Crunchy parenting and culture seemed like the natural path to take for a tree-hugging, tofu-eating, vegetarian, environmentalist, and Maranda fell into this parenting sub-culture after watching a well-known documentary about home birth and midwives. She hired a midwife who encouraged her to look into the idea of not vaccinating, and that was it. After being frightening and fear-mongered, she submerged herself into a universe of natural remedies and capsules made from ground up placentas, under the false belief that vaccine-preventable diseases such as the measles, chickenpox and even polio were of no issue for a child who was fed healthy, organic foods and given plenty of time outside in the sun.

Always a science lover and conspiracy theory loather, Maranda began to question the legitimacy of the things her peers had told her after realizing how many other conspiracy theories they subscribed to. She questioned and probed until she was forced to admit it: She was duped and she was wrong. Quite soon after, she began catching her daughter up on her vaccinations, to which there were no side effects or issues whatsoever.

After her rollercoaster journey and facing the reality that her child could have gotten seriously ill from her decisions, Maranda became an outspoken advocate for vaccinations and science-based parenting.

When not conspiring with Merck and GlaxoSmithKline, Maranda is playing video games, scowling at her husband, drowning out Daniel Tiger or refreshing her Facebook and Twitter feeds. She has been featured in various media outlets, including Voices For Vaccines, BBC World Service Radio, Buzzfeed, and CBC Radio’s ‘The Current’. She is scheduled to speak at the 21st Pennsylvania Immunization Conference in May.